Tisch Performance Center evaluation at Hospital for Special Surgery

I visited the Tisch Performance Center at sponsor Hospital for Special Surgery last week for an evaluation/ bike fit. I felt quite pampered as I had a whole crew of professionals helping me– a bike fitter, a physical therapist, two mechanics, and an engineer! We worked on a few different aspects of positioning on the bike.


If you look closely, you can see the adjustable stem that is fixed to my handlebars in this picture. The team decided that my stem was likely too short, but in order to find the exact right length of the permanent part, we used this nifty device. 


Head position is extremely important on the bike, as the rest of your body follows the cues of your head, which influences steering and how your weight is distributed on the bike. Keeping a straight spine, relaxed shoulders and not hyper-extending your neck are key.

I have tight back/ hip muscles, so this assisted stretch helps to open me up and allow me to be more relaxed on the bike.img_0612

As many cyclists do (particularly women), I have some discomfort with my current saddle, so we tried a few adjustments to try to fix that– changing the saddle position, height and the type of saddle itself. I’m much more comfortable now with my new Cobb Fifty-Five.


It was great to meet Jeanne and Brent Williams from Quest therapy consultants who were visiting from Tennessee. 

Riding home was a breeze, as I felt so much more powerful and comfortable on the bike. My hands were so light on my handlebars as I repeated the mantras “pinch your rhomboids, straight back, rotate from the Trocanters” in my head!