Welcome to Kakookies, my new cookie sponsor!

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It is my pleasure to announce that I have a new sponsor joining my generous team of supporters! Kakookies is a small, Minnesota-based company devoted to making delicious and nutritious cookies.

discount code: CDH

I met owner and head baker, Sue Kakuk, back in June 2014,when I was a member of the Kakookies Collegiate All-Star cycling team, which brought together the best female racers from the collegiate cycling scene for a week-long training camp at the Kakuk’s house in Wisconsin, followed by the NorthStar Grand Prix stage race. This 5 day race provided us collegiate racers the opportunity to see how we stacked up against the Pros.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.12.31 PMAmong other culinary delights from Sue’s kitchen, the Kakuks fueled the team with Kakookies: wholesome cookies made with organic ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. They are also wheat- and dairy-free! But don’t let that fool you, they taste as scrumptious as your grandma’s traditional home-style recipe. They come in four delicious flavors: Cranberry Almond, Cashew Blondie, Pecan Apricot, and Boundary Waters Blueberry. These flavorful baked goodies remain remarkably fresh, soft and chewy even when shipped from Minnesota!

Check out the Kakookies website to get some of your own! Be sure to use coupon code: CDH to get 10% off your purchase and contribute to my racing fund.